Psychiatrist dating former patient

02-Oct-2017 17:39

Her psychiatrist knows her inner thoughts and feelings better than anyone.

She can say anything to him and he doesn't judge her, but only seems to understand her better.

Usually quite a bit has transpired before a person turns to a psychiatrist for help.

First of all, the person has noticed that all sorts of things in life are no longer the way he would like them to be, that he is no longer able to do things that he is used to being able to do, and that all sorts of thoughts and feelings plague and impair him.

While physicians of any kind should not date CURRENT patients, if the patient has terminated services or moved on to a new Dr., this should not be a problem regardless of specialty.

He knows just when to hand her a tissue when she's about to cry, and they share laughs together because her sense of humor is so like his. Jason Robards was a psychologist in "Tender Is the Night" and married his patient, Jennifer Jones.The college’s current policy on sex with former patients states that several factors should be considered, including the length and intensity of the professional relationship, the type of care involved, and how much personal information has been confided to the doctor.

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