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“Three years ago, I didn’t have a place to live, and today I’m here to represent the light that can be born out of the defeat of this darkness,” Vitolo told the group.

“There is hope, and there is a tomorrow, and there is a day after that. And people have to know that there’s people fighting for them too, because you give up.”For Conway, the story was personal on a number of levels.

Later on, Conway would earn the distinction of World Champion Blueberry Packer, for the alacrity with which she packed the berries into crates. More often, she said, she finds herself encountering fans. She was like, ‘Well, I didn’t see anybody else, so one night, I, you know, I invited him in!

So when the Secret Service told her to pick a code name that began with B, “I was like, ‘Well, that’s easy! Conway laughed with her assistant, a 26-year-old College Republicans alum named Catharine Cypher, as she tried to explain the absurdity of hearing the stoic armed men who follow her around refer in all earnestness to the whereabouts of one Miss Blueberry: “It’s kind of embarrassing! “All the women coming up to me: ‘My mom’s gonna die if she hears you’re in the grocery store! ” “I’m on the Blueberry email,” Cypher chimed in, referring to the Secret Service alerts that document Blueberry’s every move. ’ ” Conway’s got a running joke about one of her own agents.

She had grown up in blue collar New Jersey, where she would famously become victor of the state’s Blueberry Princess Pageant.

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While they're all yelling at each other, Abram stands about five feet away laughing hysterically.Conway was referring to a terror attack that had gone largely unreported until after Trump took office.Some have posited that the press coverage of the Bowling Green Massacre was so spartan because it, in fact, didn’t actually happen.Indeed, the issue appeared critically important to the president, who successfully campaigned on it throughout the primary and general election.

He would call her from the phone on his plane after campaign rallies to talk about someone sharing their story of drug abuse, and mothers would come up to her, give her a hug, and thank her for talking about the issue. I have opioid use, and we're working on all of that,” she told CNN’s Jake Tapper in an interview last month.Almost immediately the Internet seized on one word from the tweet ― “covfefe” ― and a new meme was born.

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