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I also spent an entire summer of my life playing Millsberry. Then, I obviously didn't go out that weekend so I could properly spend my time gaming. All in all, whether you actually plan on playing the game or not, you've gotta admit this is a pretty huge step in the right direction when it comes to accepting all sorts of love — daddies included.Perhaps the dream is a metaphor that you need to approach life with "reckless abandon" and live more freely.To dream that you are pretending to be someone's girlfriend implies that you are not ready to settle down into a committed relationship. However, the dream says she is quite fertileopen to new directions, new projections, and change in her established life.Melinda Flowers wanted someone to talk to, so she joined an online dating site and it wasn't too long before someone came along to chat with her."A 46-year-old man, in Afghanistan, soldier in Afghanistan, who grew up in Holland," Flowers said.


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The dream does not mean that you want to actually marry your father.He sent her pictures of himself in uniform, and the two grew really close over a few weeks."He called me on the phone three times and we texted every day and got to be friends, he called me mom, I called him son," Flowers said.